I've been remiss

While I produce three very different types of art, I have only one place on the Internet where I practice jumping up and down, waving my hands and saying hello. This is something that I've struggled with a bit. I talk about my divergent creativity by saying that I like to complicate my life. Being involved in photography, poetry and music also tends to complicate the path interested parties must take to experience what I do, and until now I haven't provided a roadmap to help with that pursuit. Apologies! :-)

For the time being, this site will remain focused (hard to get away from that word) solely on my photography. My presence on Instagram continues, though I post there irregularly. You can listen to quite a lot of my music (which is of the experimental / avant garde variety) on Bandcamp, and this Summer, you'll be able to read a poem of mine in the upcoming issue of the Catamaran Literary Reader.

Thanks for reading, viewing and maybe listening as well. Your interest in my work is very much appreciated!



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