Hi. I’m a multidisciplinary artist working in three different areas: photography, music and poetry. 


In my fine art practice, I use film and alternative processes to create images in my darkroom. For me, it’s about the craft. Working with things which you can hold in your hands (and in the case of darkroom chemicals, sometimes get on your hands). 

In my current body of work, Land And Sky, Converted, the prints are created through a hybrid process involving both an iPhone and a large format film camera. I print images from the phone onto sheets of transparency, and then combine them with paper negatives shot in my 5x7 wooden field camera. The result is an archival-quality double exposure fiber print that’ll last a lifetime.


I’m also working on a project which combines landscape photography and a mix of original ambient and experimental music; the resulting album will be available through all of the usual outlets in 2020.


Additionally, I’m in the early stages of developing a method to combine photography and poetry, perhaps in a manner that’ll be interactive for the user.


Change and variety are at the core of what I do, so please check back soon as I’m sure to have new things to share with you! Thanks for reading.



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